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You Might Need A Wedding Website (click here)

What are your thoughts when it comes to a wedding website?

Sometimes people can look at creating a wedding website as another task on their wedding planning checklist. But to be honest a wedding website is an amazing resource for your guests. Your wedding website is the central location where people can go for updates and details that they’re looking for instead of calling and texting you, your partner or your parents (who might share incorrect info) because they don’t know. Lol! Think of your wedding website as your resource for all things, COVID protocol, gift registry, travel and hotel accommodations, dress code and even local activities and sites to see while guests are in town. Your wedding website is the perfect place to communicate with your family and friends. So, before you totally write off creating a wedding website I want to share a few tips that might help you see the value in creating one.

Maintain your wedding theme- Think about your current theme/color scheme and make sure that your site incorporates the same look and feel. For example, if you’re going for a romantic vibe make sure you incorporate that same vibe on your wedding site.

Keep it cute and simple- Try not to go overboard with a million tabs and overload your guests with too much information. Make sure your site has only the necessary tabs or pages, make sure it’s is easy to navigate, and lastly make it eye catching. Have fun!

Share a timeline- Your wedding website is the perfect place to share the wedding day or wedding weekend details and timeline for wedding related activities.

Post your travel and hotel accommodations- Out of town guests will probably find this page the most useful. Here is where you can share hotel room block details or a short list of hotel recommendations. You can also share local activities and sites to see while in town.

Share your gift registry- I’m sure you’re not requiring it but if you created a gift registry for family and friends who want to bring a gift, your wedding website is the perfect place resource for them. They can hop on your wedding website and with a few simple clicks they’re on your gift registry browsing through the things you like.

Secure it with a password- I left this for last, but I should have made it number 1. At the end of the day your wedding website contains all of the details about your special day. Protect your site with a password! This password should be limited to invited guests and those assigned to updating the details.

So, what do you think? Are you open to creating a wedding website? Do they seem useful? Maybe a little corny? I want to know.

DM us on Instagram @eventsbytwist with your response or drop a comment below.


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