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Yikes, My Event is 2 Weeks Away...HELP! Key Components to Hosting An Expedited Event. (Click Here)

Everyday life can take over and leave us with little to no spare time for self care, quality time with family and friends or celebrating important milestone moments.

If time has slipped away and you have found yourself stuck unable to execute your vision recruiting the professional help of an event planner is a sure way get the job done. I won't say TWIST “specializes” in quick turn-arounds but I will say we’re no stranger to the assignment and we're just a call/text/email away. With that being said, here are a couple of elements to keep in mind to successfully execute the event vision.

We have a solid relationship with dozens of event professionals near and far who have experienced our calls that include a quickly approaching event date and they never let us down. However, it's important to keep in mind that some décor/design elements may not be available due to limited time. When working with limited time we ask clients to keep in mind the importance of being open and flexible with their creative décor/design.

Along with being flexible with the creative décor/design is a flexible spending limit. This is a major key to working within a limited time. Many vendors charge an expedited fee for last minute services, or they require payment in full if their service or rentals are booked less than 30 days out.

The planning process can sound intense and overwhelming since big decisions need to be made in a short amount of time but don’t let limited time discourage you from hosting your event. Connect with an event pro and be prepared for an expedited planning process.

Happy Planning,

xoxo The Team at TWIST


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