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What's the Deal with Wedding Favors + Garters (click here)

Hey Twist Readers

Welcome to "what's the deal with wedding favors+ garters". We're going to keep this one short + sweet. As a guest at several weddings and also a coordinator for dozens here are two things your guests DO NOT truly care about when it comes to your wedding. (1) The garter removal + toss (2) favors.

Do a couples Dance:

Instead of the garter toss consider asking all couples to come to the dance floor to dance. This is a cute and fun way to honor couples who have been married the longest. The couples should report to the dance floor while one-by-one the DJ counts up in years – five, ten, fifteen years and so on – asking couples to stay if they’ve been married longer than the year called. The couple on the floor the last gets a prize.

Skip the garter toss:

We've attended weddings and the garter toss was eliminated all together. The guests didn't notice the absence at all.


When we chat with clients about their wedding favors and they insist on sending their guests home with a little trinket we recommend it's something practical. Think of something edible or functional. Below we dropped a few ideas that have been winners with guests.

Custom Cookies

@saveroomfordesserts (Instagram)

Breath Mints

Hand Sanitizers

Wine Bottle Stoppers

We know it can be hard to let go of traditions that you're accustomed to seeing and experiencing at weddings. Keep in touch with us and let us know if you plan to do a garter removal and toss or send your guests home with favors. Drop us a note in the comments.

Keep coming back for more tips and tea on wedding day planning with TWIST.


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