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Signature Experiences: A Sure Way to WOW Your Guests (click here)

Have you ever considered creating a signature experience for your guests? This concept can apply to various types of events. I'm talking about weddings, corporate events and social celebrations. It applies to all of the above. One of our favorite things to do at TWIST is to help the client develop a signature experience for their guests. So, what exactly is a signature experience? We consider a signature experience something that is a complete surprise to the guests and it keeps them talking about the event weeks after it's over.

When you're planning a signature thing to think about is personality. A great signature experience should be a good reflection of the host's personality. Another aspect to take into consideration is heritage/culture. So many creative ideas can come to you by thinking of ways to incorporate the host's heritage/culture, from international cuisine tasting stations to participating in traditional customs. The ideas are endless. Lastly, take a look at the events overall theme. Incorporate elements from the theme and expand from there to create an amazing signature experience around it.

We can't give away all of our fabulous ideas but below are a few to help you create your own signature experience at your next event.

Petite Wine Tasting Bar

International Cuisine Tasting Station

Cannabis Station (Adhere to your state and federal regulations)

Whisky & Cigar Cove

We absolutely love creating signature experiences with our clients. They can really take the fun to the next level at an event. If you created signature experiences at an event please share below. We would love to hear what you did. Or if you enjoyed our tips and found them useful please share that below too.

Always feel free to drop us an email if you need event planning, coordination or design assistance. We would be more than happy to help you.


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