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What's Your Preference...A Seating Chart or Escort Cards? (click here)

Hey Couples,

I hope you are soaking up all the love and enjoying your engagement season. How are your plans coming along? I hope things haven't become too overwhelming for you. If it has, please know you can always send the TWIST team a note for consultation. Click here to send us a note Well, I wanted to drop in to have a quick chat about another topic that I find myself engaged in often. Can you guess what that is...? It's the debate between having a seating chart vs escort cards. You know how this goes, let's get into it.

If you plan to have assigned seating at your wedding you'll need to determine how you're going to direct your guests to their designated tables and seats. The most talked about options are through two ways. A beautifully designed seating chart or creative little escort cards.

Benefits of a Seating Chart:

In our TWIST opinion a seating chart is the easiest option. It's a pretty quick and straight forward setup at the reception. Some couples opt for a chart written in beautiful calligraphy placed on an easel, and others take it a step further and have the details written in calligraphy on a large standing mirror.

A seating chart organizes your guests' names and table numbers and clearly displays them either by table number or alphabetically. This format will help your guests quickly find their seats.

Here's a cute tip. Seating charts reduce waste especially if they're written on acrylic or a mirror. The mirror can easily be repurposed after the wedding by removing the guest names with a little bit of Windex.

Whatever you choose, mirror, or acrylic be sure to add some florals, votives and maybe even nearby up lighting to really enhance the beautiful display.

Benefits of Escort Cards:

At TWIST we think escort cards allow couples to show off their personality, creativity while creating a moment of interactive fun for their guests.

Fun? Yep, escort cards can be fun. Couples have been very creative with their escort cards and writing their guests' names on marble tiles, champagne flutes, and tiny little lemon leaves...the list is endless. Bonus tip: The creative escort card can also double as the guests favor or keepsake.

Another way to utilize your escort card is to identify the meal your guests have selected. Your serving team will thank you.

At the end of the day the decision to go with a seating chart or escort cards is completely up to the couple and if we're apart of your planning team we're going to do what you want. Before you go, we want to hear from you. Drop us a comment below with your preference.

And remember, if you need assistance planning your upcoming wedding or event send us a note. We would love to hear from you. Click here to send us a note.


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