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The Afterparty...Your Event Is over! Now What?

Weeks upon weeks went into planning your event. The event was a hit and now it's all over. You may think that your work is done, but it's not. There are post event that need to take place. Below are a few post event task to make sure you complete.

Return rental items: If you rented chairs, linen, etc make sure that all items are gathered and ready to be returned by a staff member or picked up by the vendor. If you hosted a giveaway or raffle and someone won a prize be sure to mail them their winnings within a week of the event.

If you were a vendor I hope you collected email addresses and contact information to follow up with prospects. Proper follow up is the an integral part of building a business.

Share on social media: Taking time to give kudos to those who helped produce your event is always great. Tag vendors and thank them for their participation and hard work. Share photographs of your event on social media. Hopefully you created a hashtag for your event so that it can be used on all photos pertaining to that event. **Including a hashtag on photographs is great social media marketing & branding**

Post event task are equally important as the pre work. Proper follow up and follow through is a sure way to maintain business momentum, strengthen current business relationships and develop new ones.

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