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TWIST partnered with Pixilated to bring clients self service photo booths that are quick and simple to setup and cost efficient.

Click here to browse photo booth options. 


At check out enter code TWIST15 to get 15% off of your rental. 

Photo Booth FAQ's

  1. Do I need WiFi?  Yes, you'll need to connect PixiTAB to WiFi so your guests can send themselves their photos.

  2. Do I need a power source?  No! We provide battery packs that will last up to 8 hours!

  3. How do guests get their photos?  After taking a photo, your guests can email it to themselves. With the Custom package, guests can also text message the photos.

  4. Can PixiTAB print on-site?  No, but as an upgrade, we can send you copies of all the printed photos after your event is over.

  5. What if my event is on the weekend?  When will it arrive?  No worries, we'll ship it to you so you have it by Friday, and you don't have to ship it back until Monday!


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